Food Safety excellence does not happen by accident.

Our Commitment to You…

Sprouts Unlimited Inc. has a 36-year track record of providing high quality, safe, nourishing Sprouts, Fresh Produce and Food Ingredients to our customers.

We are proud of our food safety “culture” at Sprouts Unlimited. With your health and safety in mind, there is no compromise.

Sprouts Unlimited Inc. has a trained and certified HACCP-Food Safety Manager on staff. Our daily operations meet and exceed the highest standards of our industry. We perform our own in-house audits along with weekly environmental analysis-testing. We have also conducted 3rd Party Audits and have successfully reached Certification to the Primus GFS v2.1-2 Audit Scheme with a 96% score.

Our Food Safety Management Systems are structured towards continuous improvement. We truly believe it’s better to be on the cutting edge of food safety standards and practices.